South Phila. Kidnapper, Undone By Video and Defiant Victim, is Sentenced

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The brazen crimes of the defendant and the courage of his little victim took focus today at a sentencing in a case described as a parent’s worst nightmare.

. . . .

And as the sentencing ended, Judge Alice Dubow personally addressed the little victim, praising her courage and expressing the hope that that courage will continue to serve her as she tries to deal with the traumatic aftermath of this crime.

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The Ties That Bind


Two exceptional Main Line mother-daughter teams and the stories behind their winning relationships.

“There were no silly rules,” adds Alice. “So I didn’t have much to rebel against. But there were clear expectations to be independent and do well in school—and to be a Democrat. Learning to take risks was something I greatly benefited from. It gave me the luxury to do things without having to be a superstar.”


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Dubow Seeks Endorsement from State Democratic Committee

Written by Lora Strum,
Contributing Writer

A seven year veteran in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas veteran, Judge Alice Dubow is seeking the endorsement of the State Democratic Committee as she prepares to run for a spot in the PA Superior Court.

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Like mother, like daughter

Like mother, like daughter
Phyllis Beck and Alice Beck Dubow may have started a judicial dynasty.

By Gail Shister, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: February 18, 2008

They speak in shorthand. Hate to cook. Share a passion for social justice and Scrabble and books-on-tape and La Bohème. Are both size 6 Democrats.

Now Phyllis Beck and Alice Beck Dubow have another connection: The first mother-daughter judges in the 231-year history of the commonwealth.

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