Thank you for visiting my website.

For me, serving as a Judge in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas for the past seven years has been a great privilege and humbling honor.

While it is true that I learned a great deal about the law in my 23 years in the public and private practice, the experiences that I have encountered as a judge have given me an understanding of the law, our legal system and basic human behavior that cannot be learned in any other way. Given this foundation, I am taking my experiences as a trial judge to the next level by seeking election to the Superior Court.   

Judge Alice Beck Dubow with her family.

Judge Alice Beck Dubow with her family.

Underpinning my education, legal and judicial experience, I can bring to Superior Court a lifetime of experiences and values that color my thinking and give me perspective. It is my sincere wish that this website may serve to help you learn more about my background, life's experiences and qualifications and will demonstrate that I am prepared to be a Judge on the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.

And as you are reading the materials on this website, please feel free to share your ideas and concerns about our court system or my campaign.  Also, feel free to provide us with your contact information so we can keep in touch about campaign.

Our victory in the primary in May was truly remarkable. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your help. Now, we'll move forward and turn our focus to the General Election in November. 

Thank you again,

Judge Alice Beck Dubow



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